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Direct and Indirect Pronouns

[Interactive exercises] Pronouns «lo-le-la» in Spanish

Aquí tienes unos ejercicios interactivos que te he preparado para que vayas practicando el uso de los pronombres de objeto directo e indirecto en español. Recuerda revisar How to Use the Personal Pronouns in Spanish si tienes alguna duda.  Here are some interactive exercises that I have prepared for you to practice using direct and indirect object pronouns in Spanish. Remember to check the How to Use the Personal Pronouns in Spanish article if you have any …

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The Uses of PARA y POR

via GIPHY   FOR is the basic English equivalent for both, PARA y POR.  These two prepositions change meaning depending on the context.  If you choose POR y PARA incorrectly, you may cause confusion. For example:  Mi hermana trabaja para Jose  (it means that Jose is my sister´s boss) Mi hermana trabaja por Jose (it means that she is working instead of him) Use PARA to indicate: Purpose: PARA indicates the purpose of an action. …